Friday, June 3, 2016

ipaccblog#7: The Power of Mentorship

Looking for ways to step up your performance? Here’s some advice: find a mentor! Having a trustworthy mentor in your corner is an invaluable tool in accomplishing your goals and taking your talent to new heights.

What is a Mentor?
A mentor is someone that you can go to for advice. Experience has made them wise -within them lays a wealth of knowledge, just waiting to be tapped into!  Mentors give you the “inside scoop” on what to expect on your journey because they’ve been in your shoes before.

The Benefit
The major benefit of mentorship is that it can help you manage the inevitable challenges that are to come. No journey worth embarking on is ever easy. But a mentor that is honest and vulnerable about their experiences can help you avoid making the same mistakes they made on their own journey.

Even more so, sometimes a mentor can be just the listening ear you need when you’re having a hard time. Open up! Share your success stories, your failures, your worries…let your mentor guide you in the right direction.

How to Identify One
We’ve already identified three keys characteristics of a mentor: trustworthiness, wisdom and experience. The last component to consider is time. Developing a successful mentor/mentee relationship requires continued collaboration over time. So choose someone who is willing to invest their spare time into seeing you grow as an artist.

As you strive to accomplish your dance and music goals, don't go at it alone! Find that mentor in your life that will be there with you every step of the way. #BeTheInSpiration
Pauline Braxton

Community Outreach Coordinator