Friday, May 13, 2016

ipaccblog#5: Celebrating InSpira’s 14th Anniversary!

Can you believe this Saturday, May 14, 2016, marks the 14th year that InSpira has been in business? That’s right, 14 years of incredible Performing Arts education! 

As we celebrate InSpira's Anniversary, let’s take a look back at the history of how it all started…

Co-Founder and Artistic Director Kristine Smith first had the vision for InSpira after a major health scare in 1991, when she received the troubling news of the existence of a tumor in her brain. Prior to InSpira, Ms. Kris worked in the Magazine and Nonprofit Industries with a focus on Performing Arts and Fitness, for 9 years. After receiving Pituitary Brain Surgery in 1993, she felt overwhelmed with gratitude to God for allowing her to live and decided to take her life in a new direction.

With a new vigor for life, Ms. Kris decided to go into business for herself, with one main goal in mind – to make a positive impact on the lives of others. As a long-time dancer herself, Ms. Kris knew first-hand the power of the arts to influence lives in the community. Thus, InSpira was born.

IPACC, formerly known as InSpira Dance Theater, had its humble beginnings in 2002 with just 14 students in the basement of Mt. Zion AME Church in Little Rocky Hill, NJ.  In 2005, InSpira moved to its first commercial location in New Brunswick, NJ. This year also marked the start of the Academy and Scholarship programs – programs designed to recognize and foster dance excellence and educational achievements. In the year 2007, the InSpira community continued to grow as the studio moved to it's current location and expanded to include music and voice education. 

Over the years, InSpira has become a safe haven for more than 300 students. It has blossomed into a hub for students to not only foster their dance and music abilities, but to be engaged in a supportive and loving family atmosphere. Without a doubt, to be at InSpira is to be home.

Happy 14th Anniversary, InSpira! #BeTheInSpiration

What are some of the reasons you are thankful for InSpira? Comment below.

Pauline Braxton
Community Outreach Coordinator

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  1. Happy Anniversary InSpira Performing Arts and Cultural Center (IPAAC). You are the Inspiration!!