Friday, April 22, 2016

ipaccblog#2: Hit Your Target

We’ve all been there – set goals for ourselves only for them to sit on the back burners of our daily activities. It’s true: setting and managing goals can be challenging. But with these helpful guidelines, you’ll be sure to achieve those long-desired dance and music goals.

Make Visuals
Visually depicting your goal can be an extremely valuable tool in seeing it through to the end. Write your goal down on something that you see every day and use it as a daily reminder of your plans. Record it in your planner, on your bulletin board or on a sign that hangs over your bedroom mirror. For extra motivation, get creative by adding eye-catching color and design.

Set a Reasonable Time Frame
Be sure to set a deadline for accomplishing your goal. When doing so, give yourself enough time to accomplish it. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day! This is one of the best methods to ensure concrete results. Also, consider setting up a few checkpoints along the way where you can track your progress and reward yourself. Acknowledging your hard work during the journey is a great way to stay encouraged as you march towards that end goal.

Tell Someone
Share your plans with a friend, a family member or a mentor who will hold you responsible for completing your goals. Find someone who will encourage you in those challenging moments when you’re running out of steam or feel like giving up.

Be Diligent
Lastly, the key to accomplishing your goals is to be consistent with the plan you’ve designed. Pursue your goals daily, deciding for yourself that you want them badly enough to follow through to the end.

Remember: With persistence and hard work, there is nothing outside of your reach. Stay motivated and hit your target! #BeTheInSpiration

Pauline Braxton
Community Outreach Coordinator

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